Voices of Sanity

A few people I have found very worthwhile listening to during these social disturbances:

Iain Sinclair on The World at One (from 17m)

Bonnie Greer on The World Tonight (from 27m)

Melissa Knight, a youth worker, writing here

Nina Power writing in the Guardian


The common thread here is a search for context. Nobody is excusing acts of criminality, and clearly some of those who are looting are using the cover of the wider upheaval to target stores – in Harringay this has been a problem, with groups of older men arriving in cars to hit quickly and retreat. However this is only a small part of the story and shouldn’t be the main focus. Instead we should be getting to the bottom of the problems in what Paul Mason shrewdly referred to as London’s banlieues. So many of the people on the student marches were older schoolkids dependent on EMAs and I suspect many of them will have been out on the streets in the last few days and with no prospect of returning to education when the school year begins again next month.

And a few people whose opinions were definitely not worth wasting time on: Alan Sugar, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Wayne Rooney, Kelvin McKenzie, Piers Morgan, Nick Griffin

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  1. I found Melissa Knight’s piece very moving indeed. It’s balanced in all the right places, and beautifully written. Thanks for pointing me in its direction.

  2. Fantastic site, just Digged it

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