Productive Land: June

June was a great disappointment, weather-wise. Wet, and when not wet, overcast. The great spurt of growth which April and May had brought was slowed, and in some cases halted. Nonetheless, potatoes, spinach and peas were abundant and delicious; and the lawn was finally installed.

Bulging clouds over Tottenham

The potatoes have cropped well. By early June we had new potatoes, pictured below, and a couple of weeks later the Charlottes were in. Unfortunately they had crowded out the other occupants of the pseudo-milpa pots – a mistake I won’t make next year – but by the end of the month we had harvested perhaps eight pounds of spuds.

Bowl of spuds

The last of the strawberries were greedily snaffled this month. Overall the crop wasn’t enormous but the plants have spread and hopefully next year will see an abundance. They were genuinely delicious though.

Strawberries, sweet and fresh

The pumpkin plant has got completely out of hand, but the tomatoes and beans make steady progress, as do carrots and artichokes. We have also trimmed the vine, which by the end of June had a huge number of grapes setting in bunches on its branches. It is unclear whether there will be enough summer sun to ripen them. Time will tell.


And finally, at a cost  of a little under one hundred pounds, we bought enough turf to cover around two-thirds of the remaining ground. This provides us with a place to sit and enjoy the garden while absorbing and retaining moisture. The rest of the uncovered ground will be decked in autumn.

The garden in late June - with lawn!

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