A Momentous Week? Perhaps

It is too early to tell what might be the outcome of this week’s political and media scandals. It is certainly too soon to be overly optimistic about the long-term consequences. But to me there seems to be something afoot. Are the hazy filters being lifted from peoples’ eyes? Are there folk up and down the country joining the dots marked police, media, politicians?

Most bizarrely of all, I find myself asking whether it really takes Hugh Grant to catalyse such logical leaps. He is no radical; he’s a privileged somebody who was stung by the machine. Yet his experience has enraged him to the extent that he is no longer afraid to bite the hand that once fed him.

And through such fearless proclamations as we heard in that hour of Question Time tonight more and more people will recognise that what we have before us is a vile, corrupt, deceitful and thuggish snake which constricts us in so many ways. Not so much a snake, perhaps, as a hydra – as pointed out by Stavvers here – since this creature’s heads are manifold, assuming the form of the Metropolitan Police, the Westminster regime, the print media and the pathetic regulatory bodies which supposedly guard our liberties.

And as always in such moments, Shelley calls out from the past, urging:

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you – 

Ye are many – they are few.

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