Productive Land: May

May was a dry, windy month, often overcast, tempting us with drizzle but ultimately drought-ridden and difficult. Nonetheless, it was the month in which our productive land began to offer up food in decent quantities for the first time.

Bee-attracting flowers

The plants we had put in to attract bees delivered a bounty of eye-catching flowers; not the sort you would necessarily find in a florist, but the stuff of bee fantasy. Though the cats continued to menace the bees as they went about their busy work, the netting we had installed to protect the beds gave protection to our pollinators too.

Spinach and potatoes

In the raised beds, the potatoes were leggy and out-of-control. The wind, which the walls usually minimise, was brutal in May. It knocked over many of the potato plants and they recovered only with the aid of bamboo canes. Meanwhile the spinach began to yield decent side-portion sized crops about once a week.

The pseudo-milpa pots, and peas

The milpa pots remain a mixed bag. The corn clearly doesn’t like the competition with all the potato plants, though the runner beans seem largely to be thriving. No crops yet but they have flowered. Blackfly did for the broad bean crop’s early efforts, but we’re hopeful there might be something later in summer.


The peas, though, have been tremendous. They are a variety called Oregon Sugar Snap. Sweet, tender and rapidly replenishing, our four pots seem to be yielding a decent little bowlful each week.


In the forest garden, the rhubarb and strawberries are delivering fruit already. From the former we’ve had a good crumble. Better still, we’ve collected some of the most delicious, sweet strawberries in memory. They are far better than those we can get locally; it’s been very pleasing to be able to pick one as and when the urge takes me. Delicious.

Ms. Squirrel

Finally our friendly local squirrel continues to visit in search of nuts. She’s fairly tame and is clearly nursing a number of baby squirrels somewhere in the pine tree next door.

The garden at the end of May

The next task is to find somewhere to put the tomato plants, which are already 6-8 inches tall, and then to lay the lawn – hopefully next week. And at the end of the month we will hopefully take delivery of the chicken coop, but that’s for another time…

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