Productive Land: April

Far from being the cruellest month, April was sun-drenched, causing the plants to grow at breakneck speed…

First of all, the front garden, which has been through three of its planting phases: the primulas have been and gone, as have the daffodils. Now we are enjoying a bumper display of irises. The soil is still a problem, and we’ll need to enlist the help of a lot of worms to dig in the compost, but it’s great having such a wash of a colour as we come and go.

Meanwhile, in the back garden we assembled the sleepers into two raised beds, with the double-chamber compost above and behind the potato bed. In the latter I planted three rows of King Edwards (maincrop), three of Rocket (first earlies) and two of Charlotte (salads), as well as some raspberry canes.

The second bed has carrots, white onions, red onions, spring onions, leeks and spinach. The grapevine, which is rooted below the potato bed, has grown rapidly; if we get a sunny summer it should be a bumper crop. On top of the compost heap I added a layer of a couple of inches of shop-bought compost and planted beetroot and pumpkin. It seemed like a waste of growing space, so I will be intrigued to see if much comes of it.

Apple blossom

In the mini forest garden the trees continued to flourish with the exception of the poor little nectarine. I removed all the leaf curl and will keep an eye on it but I think there will need to be some sort of intervention (Bordeaux mixture) next winter. The rhubarb and strawberries went in and have really taken off; mint, more raspberries, wildflowers (for bees) and nasturtiums are also doing well. In the pots, the peas thrived (with frequent watering), the runner and broad beans shot upward and more potatoes burst up, growing perhaps a foot in two weeks. The only thing that is going slowly is the corn; I think I will have to sacrifice some potatoes in the pseudo-milpa pots to give the corn enough light.

Signs of life: grapevine in early April

So this is where we were up to at the end of April (below) – lots of greenery surrounding a big flat slab of stony soil. Next up will be the construction of a trellis along the back to facilitate tomato growing along the top of the rear wall, plus finishing levelling the ground so we can being laying the lawn…

The garden at the end of April

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  1. N.B. Because I’ve been a bit behind on these, that isn’t what the garden looks like now. The potato bed, for example, is chock full of plants a couple of feet high now.

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