How people end up here

I am often amused (and bemused) by the search engine terms that people use to arrive at my blog. Here are some recent examples, some misguided but understandable, some utterly perplexing:

  • “jeanette winterson’s cats”
  • “some of the great music you can hear at an ibiza revival night”
  • “برباتوف”
  • “wonderful dick”
  • “the charmlessness of americans”
  • “chicharito large jaw”
  • “man playing jazz on cello”
  • “fortify it, nice”
  • “drawings of romance dancing on the moon”
  • “tiny little höschen”
  • “ways to indiscreetly annoy your teacher” [really?]
  • “dirty projectors splotches”
  • “dimitar berbatov hot pictures” [also “darren fletcher naked”, dear god]
  • “eames inception seems a bit stupid”
  • “stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before joy division” [er…. no!]
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  1. how can you tell what people type in to get to you?

    • It’s one of the admin features on the stats page. Most of the above were one-offs – the vast majority of word search hits come from either “Berbatov” or “Arcade Fire”! But word search hits are a small minority of overall hits (thankfully!)

      • see you later?

    • For some reason I can’t reply below, but yes, will see you later on. Think we’re going to get there around 8-8.30 and have a drink first.

  2. Dude, what do you have on your blog that people are finding you with some of those search terms??


    • It’s a constant worry!

      • Now imagining Ian Curtis singing ‘Stop me’ – not too unrealistic, actually.

        Jeanette Winterson might be getting involved in one of Will’s projects. If I see her, I’ll tell her that her cats have been giving you grief…

  3. The one in Arabic says berbatov so not a problem. But the others???? 😉

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