A pointer…

…towards this fascinating interview with Arundhati Roy. Her characterisation of the elite mentality seems as relevant in this country as it clearly is in India. The standout quotes for me (though in one sense they don’t ‘stand out’, since the text is incredibly rich throughout) were these:

Finding out about things, figuring out the real story—what you call research—is part of life now for some of us. Mostly just to get over the indignity of living in a pool of propaganda, of being lied to all the time, if nothing else.

and most pertinent in light of the current struggles across the Middle East:

It would be immoral of me to preach violence to anybody unless I’m prepared to pick up arms myself. But I think it is equally immoral for me to preach nonviolence when I’m not bearing the brunt of the attack.”


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  1. Have you read her ‘Listening to Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy’? She is so incredibly articulate – it’s bracing reading.

    • No, I haven’t. It was highly recommended in a piece I read about the BJP and I’ve wanted to have a look at it for a while. It’s on my ‘long list’, if you like. Which, unfortunately, is very long, but I hope to get to it soon!

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