Following the Uprising

Just a brief note to share some Twitter correspondents’ addresses pertaining to the uprisings in North Africa. It is a hugely important story getting scant coverage here (aside from the usual Anglo-centric “holidaymakers’ hell” crap whenever there is a disaster or upheaval anywhere else), and Twitter seems to be the best place for up to date information.

If the movement spreads from Tunisia and Algeria to Libya, Morocco, Egypt (and perhaps even Palestine), it could become a true social revolution against a generation of corrupt, authoritarian leaders. It would be too much to expect anything to happen in Saudi Arabia, I think. Managing the competing demands of the cowed Arab Nationalist tradition (though Marzouki could be in with a shot), radical Islamism and the unrepresented (but newly engaged) masses will be a Herculean task. Sad but unsurprising to see Gaddafi fully having become everything he once fought against too.

N.B. I’m not recommending or endorsing the views of these people, just saying they are getting the news out fast:







Easier still is to look for #sidibouzid or #tunisia though bear in mind much of what comes up will be in French or Arabic.

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  1. Could you repeat that please !!!! x I would be grateful if u could email me the terms used for left wing and right wing and middle ground,
    cos i am confused at how many there are. Laymens terms please Bill !!! xxx Nat xx

    • Hello! Will send you an email later today. This particular post got out of date quickly, didn’t it! Everyone was banging on about Tunisia and suddenly it was Egypt in flames. B x

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