The Real Class War

Good that despite yesterday’s sickening anti-union editorial, the Guardian at least still finds room for the wonderful Mr Bell, who knows perfectly well that while this country is beginning a new round of class war, it has been declared by the millionaires of the cabinet (eighteen at last count) on behalf of the top ‘earners’ and directed against the poor- and middle-income sectors of society – and not vice versa as is usually implied.

Andrew Mellon said that in a crisis, assets return to their rightful owners (i.e. the super rich). That is precisely what is happening now – a large-scale, sometimes sneaky, sometimes blatant redistribution of wealth from the bottom half to the top few percent, all hidden behind the big lie of necessity. Since the ballot box proved entirely useless at preventing such a hijacking, it is only people under the leadership of Len McCluskey and others who have the power to bring the country to a halt and remove this government. Ed Miliband certainly can’t be trusted to support the workers of this country; he has proved as lily-livered on this aspect of the resistance to the cuts as he has with regard to the student movement.

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  1. Oh, good for John Harris – I’ve been noting this trend towards the reconstruction of the Victorian class system (with “appropriate” social mobility) for a while now…

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