“We want them to be afraid of us”

Richard Seymour succinctly puts the case for militancy here. This is his excellent summary:

“Some will inevitably try to paint imaginative, militant action as ‘violent’. So let me say this about the ‘violence’ yesterday. I’m not frightened by the media’s hysteria, or browbeaten by the servile centre-left that wants to keep opposition as timid as possible. When people ask why occupy a building, how that helps the cause, the answer is very simple: we want to disrupt the processes of power, and we want them be frightened to do what they’re about to do to us. We want them to be afraid of us. They’re about to dismantle our social safety net, shred higher education for millions of working class people, cut teaching in schools, raise the cost of living for everyone except the rich, throw hundreds of thousands of people on the dole, creating many more redundancies as a byproduct, and cheating a whole generation of the education and employment that they need for a decent life. That’s war, and you can’t do that to people and expect them to be polite about it. More occupations, protests, and strikes, would only be the moderate and sensible response to this government’s social vandalism.”

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  1. John Harris is good on this too:


    • Strangely enough, I was just about to post a link to the Harris article here, but you got in there first! Once again, he pretty much sums up all my feelings on this issue (the hyperventilating media, the exaggeration of ‘hijackers’ when clearly we saw mainly students at Millbank on Wednesday, the alarming economic utilitarianism of Browne’s report (see Stefan Collini again), the government’s complete lack of mandate, the pathetic official ‘opposition’, and the confused Great British Public).

      On a (related?) note, watching the coverage on Newsnight on Wednesday, there was also a piece about how Somerset County Council has cut their arts budget by 100%. It’s all kicking off now.

      • Good grief. We will have to take our medicine silently and with no consolatory entertainment, it seems.

        Did you see that Goldsmiths and Manchester are both under occupation?

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