A Note on the Reporting of the Protest

Another update, based on the testimony of a policeman speaking on Radio Four this morning, which was at points misleading and at other points seemed entirely false.

He was, of course, correct that there were some people there who intended to cause harm to the police. The person who dropped the fire extinguisher was almost certainly in that category. But these things grated with what I had witnessed:

He said that ‘masonry’ was thrown, which I definitely didn’t see; he said that heavy metal tables were thrown – he implied this was at the police, but they were actually what was used to break the lower floor windows; he said that ‘fires were lit’, with undertones of arson, but they were actually just small bonfires made of used placards that people were keeping warm around; and he said he thought a flare was thrown – the flare you can see in my pictures above was the only one I saw and it burned out of its own accord.

While there was plenty to talk about, the tiny amount of violence is being exaggerated to an absurd extent.

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  1. Also: from eight reported minor injuries on the day (both police and protestors), the number has shot up to 41 injured police. I don’t even think there were that many police at Millbank, in all seriousness. Am I too cynical to think that the police authorities may have asked their officers to wake up with bad backs on Thursday?

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