Death of the Oceans?

I just wanted to point interested parties towards this excellent edition of Horizon presented by David Attenborough. The first half concentrates on over-fishing, the grotesque scale of which I had not appreciated. In the last fifty years, 90% of the top predator fish stocks have been depleted. We really have almost emptied the seas, which is just incredible. The recent census of the ocean population (which is referred to throughout the programme) estimates that commercial fishing will be impossible within forty years. The comparison between the man-and-line fishing of the 19th century and today’s commercial ships is staggering – in the featured area, almost twenty times as many fish were landed by the old ‘technologically backward’ sea dogs.

The second part looks more at global warming and the related phenomenon of sea acidification which has all sorts of ugly consequences of its own, and which Attenborough sees as the greatest threat to the oceans (and one which even now would take centuries to undo). There’s also some great nature footage intercut with the scientific and commercial scenes.

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