Gah. Gah!

I don’t even really like her music, but I have to say I find Gaga quite enthralling. She’s definitely an icon of our times, for better or worse. For better, I think. Nice to see someone who is neither a precocious mainstream singing talent nor a classical beauty taking the charts by the short and curlies.

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  1. Er, ish. She’s only kooky by chart standards. And she sounds like Christina Aguilera. I feel a bit bilious every time I hear her. Why can’t the Americans do eccentric pop without glossing and blanding the production?

    • Oh I agree. I don’t even really mean her music, just her public persona. She is at least managing to be a bit weird in a decidedly unweird world (femme dance-pop).

  2. A couple of relatively interesting articles on Ms. Germanotta:

    A general piece about her from the appalling Vanity Fair:

    A story about the Paglia/Gaga scrap (inc. her position as feminist or otherwise) from the Grauniad:

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