Metropolitan Police still having trouble distinguishing collective arse from elbow

I read with interest the New York Times piece on Sunday which has caused the phone-tapping scandal to kick off again. The original actions of the police are utterly baffling. While it’s daft that counter-terrorism police were given the job in the first place, and therefore not surprising that some of them felt they had more important things to do, the explicit decision to do nothing which might jeapordise their relationship with News International is absolutely appalling.

Imagining that, their hopelessness now exposed, the police would be seeking to repair their reputation somewhat, I was surprised with two aspects of the story in today’s Guardian which reports that a new inquiry will be held. First, that the police went to the New York Times to ask for help. Much of the NYT article was concerned with how poor the police’s handling of the case had been in the first place (especially their decision to limit the scope of the investigation to one person); why should the newspaper fill that gap, and why does the Met think the New York Times has better investigative powers for a London-based case? And second, that the police are still largely resistant to expanding the scope of their enquiries, either in terms of persons affected or time period covered.

Does anyone really believe that Andy Coulson had no idea about the hacking? I doubt it. So any further investigation which goes beyond the few cases already covered will almost certainly have to end with his resignation as David Cameron’s chief press aide. Not great for the party of law and order, and I’m sure this has a lot to do with the way this case has progressed. Of course, while the Labour Party was whoring itself out to the same forces of “law” and “order“, it seems they put similar brakes on the case. Pretty grubby behaviour all around.

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