Dollar Trebles. Gah.

Just a few more words about Austin, Texas.

I visited the University of Texas yesterday to see the Latin American Centre which is world-renowned in the field. The facilities (and campus more generally) at UT are pretty incredible. It’s a huge place which is only a stone’s throw from downtown Austin, but it seems also to be a fairly self-contained community. Where everyone wears hotpants (seriously). Well, it is really hot here.

Fountain on campus at UT

Part of the university is the Lyndon B. Johnson museum and library. The museum was very interesting, with exhibits both on the life of LBJ himself but also the context of that life – civil rights, war, social confrontation etc. There was a replica of the Oval Office and a strange rubber animatronic version of President Johnson telling folksy anecdotes in a barn. In the museum shop they have a great selection of old campaign posters and badges (real ones, not reproductions). Mets fans have recently picked up on the relevance of “Ike and Dick” material (for Ike Davis and R. A. Dickey), so I bought a badge to wear next time I go to Citi Field.

A slogan we can all get behind

Another bibulous evening followed. Can an evening even be bibulous? If so, this one was. After seeing the bats again (here’s a short video clip), we hit the town. Ribs at the Ironworks (more southern artery-blocking fare – highly recommended) followed by a selection of Austin’s less salubrious establishments. This has to be one of the cheapest places I’ve ever been drinking – one bar was serving trebles for a dollar, and most places serve $2 beers. Crazy. Anyhow, after a game of beer-pong with some locals it was back to the ranch to hit the sack.*

Eating this meal made me extremely tired and demoralized

*It’s not really a ranch, it’s a youth hostel.

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