Austin, Texas

As the sun came up yesterday the bus had reached the north-east extremes of Mexico – Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas states – which (like much of Texas) are mostly flat scrubland. Everything about the border area reminded me of “No Country For Old Men”. From handing over my Mexican exit papers to actually having my passport stamped on the U.S. side took around four hours. It was already about 35c even though it was mid-morning, and I was subject to three thorough (and extremely stern) lots of questioning. My passport photo is evidently suspiciously different from my actual face…

La Frontera

After the border crossing there was another five-hour bus ride to Austin via San Antonio. We stopped for lunch at a petrol station in a very small (and very Texan) town, where the healthy option was a cheeseburger. Eventually having made it to Austin, I discovered that the bus timetables had been completely revamped two days previously and thus nobody knew how to get from the Greyhound station to the youth hostel. Trial and error and some very helpful locals saw me arrive safely.

Austin, Texas

I started the evening by watching the famous Austin bats (1.5 million, apparently) streaming out from their home under Congress Bridge. They are unbelievably fast – for a while they were imperceptible until my brain caught up with my eyes and could process what I was seeing. After that a mouthwatering barbecued pork sandwich with sweet potato mash and creamy spinach (southern food is so good, but so, so rich) followed by several ales with some fellow travellers. Good times.

A moose's head with bras on it. Yes indeed.

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