On the road

I’ve now started my epic journey home. Overall, the trip is as follows: Mexico City to Austin (bus, 22 hours), Austin to Chicago (train, 26 hours), Chicago to Washington (train, 18 hours), Washington to New York (bus, four hours), and New York to London (plane, 8 hours). There are stops in there of between five hours and two weeks.

I am currently in a service station somewhere near San Luis Potosi, some annoying fraction between a third and a halfway to the border. It’s midnight, the bus is almost empty, and we’ve had a couple of so-so films (I chose to watch Inspector Morse instead). I’ve also been reminiscing by listening to “Loveless” by My Bloody Valentine and “This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours” by the Manics. The first half of the latter is still much better than it ever got credit for, I think, but the second half is woeful. Ah well.

I must finish my beer and head onwards.

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