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As I mentioned before, New Left Project has been hosting a debate (though as today’s contributor points out, they have largely been in agreement) about the cuts. Richard Seymour started it – and will close the discussion tomorrow – but the opening paragraph of today’s effort, was particularly striking. When I first read it, I was taken aback by how much it sounded like a parody of dogmatic hackneyed old leftism. And maybe it is, but I can’t find a single part of it that I don’t agree with:

Today, Britain faces one of the greatest single social injustices of the post-war era in domestic politics. The weakest and most vulnerable in society are being forced to pay the costs of a crisis created by the reckless greed of the super-rich and the intellectual docility, or dogmatism, of policy-makers (Conservative and Labour). Because the financial and business sectors weild far greater influence over policymaking than the ordinary people who will bear the brunt of the cuts, the latter will pay a price they can’t afford for a crisis created by the former, who will themselves suffer no material penalty. Those costs will primarily take the form of public spending cuts of staggering size, being rushed through without serious thought but often with palpable glee by a cabinet stuffed with millionaires who clearly have an intuitive grasp of the concept of class interest, and of protecting their own at the expense of others.

His summary of the situation is so brutally right when he says that the majority of the population will be “picking up the tab for a party they didn’t throw, and to which they were never invited.” Well, doesn’t that just cut to the quick? And finally this choice morsel, which might just stick in the craw: “In short, there is (at least from the point of view of the public, rather than elite interest) no emergency requiring this budget. The emergency is the budget.”

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  1. I should have said that David Wearing (http://twitter.com/davidwearing) is the author of that piece, and that “weild” is his typo, not mine.

    • That sounds really petty. I wasn’t being critical, merely pedantic.

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