Arcade Fire blew my tiny little mind

Just a quick nota bene to point you good folk towards this:

Arcade Fire live at Madison Square Garden

I watched this when it went out live on YouTube on Thursday, and it was superb. The ‘directed live’ element, orchestrated by Terry Gilliam, was all good fun, but the performance itself was absolutely magnificent. Old favourites were tremendous, new offerings captivating, and some surprise inclusions given fresh impetus.

I’d heard whispers which said that the third album (“The Suburbs“) was a bit safe, and lacked a certain edge (bizarrely, Alex-is-Petridish thought this was a good thing). Most reviewers have raved about it. (Actually, reading these reviews has reminded me how much the taste-makers hated “Neon Bible“, which I only love more with the passage of time.) I haven’t got “The Suburbs” yet, a wrong which I hope to right this week. This live show set my mind at rest though, and I am completely looking forward to hearing the new record (the singles were excellent). I’m sure once I have the CD inlay in hand and the music blasted into me, I will bore you all to tears with a portentous review – and if it’s any good you can look forward to me lauding the ‘greatest first three albums’ since that last happened.

Also note that tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday for the December UK tour. I will be clicking like a maniac.

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  1. looks like tix are already on sale at their website: and NPR are already streaming the album if you want to try before you buy

    • Hurrah! Sorted, thanks be for presale – cheers, Shanna! I will have a listen to the NPR stream with my breakfast.

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